4 Ways To Slip In Extra Exercise

How to squeeze in extra movement every day

1. Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs is an easy, simple, change-up in your life that can help you toward your daily fitness goal. It may not seem like a big enough change to count for anything, in fact, it will probably feel like a hassle. But, you get 5 to 10 calories for every flight climbed that you otherwise wouldn’t burn had you taken the elevator.

2. Make Standing Desks Your New Best Friend

Now, if you don’t want to shell out the big bucks to simply switch out your existing desk, there are modifications you can make. I boosted my desktop monitors and keyboard on boxes to add the height needed to work comfortably while standing up. I also take my laptop to the kitchen bar which is the perfect height for standing while working. Find ways in your own home to adjust your existing desk or find an alternative workstation for parts of your day. The calorie change from standing to sitting is small but it can help with things like back pain and blood sugar levels. In a study on improving worker health, it was found that even when reducing sitting by just 66 minutes per day participants experience less back and neck pain. They also reported improved mood states.

3. Park Further Away

This is pretty simple. If you’re able-bodied you don’t need to park as close as humanly possible to the entrance. I constantly see people prowling the first few parking spots in a lot when it’s much easier to park further out and walk. It’s extra steps and you don’t have to be in the danger zone of other peoples’ questionable parking abilities — honestly, a luxury.

4. Walk While On the Phone

If you’re talking you could also be walking. Whether it’s a work call that doesn’t require intensive note-taking and screentime or a long daily chat with a loved one, talking on the phone is the perfect time to get some extra steps in. Take a few laps around your home, tidying up as you go. Just like that you’ve got three birds with one stone.

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