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Some trends start with a bang and others with a whimper. Two new forms of writing emerging in the new decade are serial fiction and chat stories. As a writer at any stage of their career latching on to an emerging form of writing can give you the audience to move on to bigger and ‘better’ things.

Let’s break down the specifics of these new forms of writing and how you can get involved in them:

Serial fiction

Serial fiction is the splitting of a larger piece of narrative fiction into smaller more digestible chunks. …

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Heads up: This post contains affiliate links. I like sharing useful sites but it eats into the time I would otherwise spend doing paid client work. You don’t pay a penny more (And for creator programs you shouldn’t pay a penny at all — don’t ever pay to provide a service to someone else, lovelies!) but I get a little compensation from the company for saying ‘hey this place is reputable and I recommend it’. …

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With Medium’s acquisition of Glose earlier this year and recent job listings cropping up focused on their “brand-new Books initiative”, it’s safe to say there are exciting things in the works. With Medium dipping its toes into the world of long-form writing, we are left to make our own predictions on the final outcome of recent events. Here’s what we know so far about Medium potentially moving into book publishing.

Medium Acquired Glose

Medium announced the acquisition of Glose on January 14, 2021. Medium has held a strong focus on article writing, but now will have the leverage to make a move on…

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Since the inception of my working life, I have had active roles that required me to be in a constant state of moving around. I worked as a barn hand and horseback riding instructor for much of my high school and early college experience. I had a job as a kennel tech then as a vet tech. I even worked at a doggy daycare before leaving the animal care world to work for one of the big-name neighbors of the happiest place on earth. These jobs all had one thing in common: They were active and, at times, physically exhausting.

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Date night doesn’t have to mean traipsing out on the town. Let’s be honest, getting all dressed up and fighting traffic on a Friday or Saturday night isn’t always appealing. Creating an all-day or short evening date can be done from the comfort of your own home. So if you’d rather stay in your pajamas and cozy up at home with your partner, here are 4 at-home date night ideas to try.

1. Order a Date Box

Best For Busy Couples

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Even with the rise in smart home technology, nothing is truly available to run your household for you. Sure, you might have a Roomba to tidy up the floors or a Google Home to read off your daily calendar. That’s all great, too. But there are low-tech, low-effort hacks you can enlist to help you have a happier home on a time budget.

Here are 10 ways you can have a happier, cleaner, more smoothly running household without tearing your hair out in the process.

1. Double Up on Rugs in Entryways

The Benefit: Less dirt and grime in your home.

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You don’t have to plan an elaborate date day to have a memorable evening. After dinner, whether you go out or order takeaway, settle in to complete one of the suggested activities below. These are best when mixed and matched. Pair a day out doing something you’ve both always wanted to try with an activity like DIY cocktails or painting at home to close out the evening. You can make these as elaborate or simple as you’d like. At the end of the day, this is all just a way to spend extra time with your favorite person.

1. Plan a Camp Out

Best For…

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Point me to a person who truly enjoys a rejection. Part of being a writer includes getting rejections. Instead of forcing yourself into a situation where rejection is negative, setting a rejection goal allows you to get a positive out of the situation no matter what. You either get a rejection and take a step closer to your rejection goal for the year or you get your work published and you have another obvious reason for celebration.

I first took on the 100 rejection challenge in 2020. I started a few months into the year, ended up taking a few…

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I have a secret. I hide bodies. They exist in the depths of my computer, within abandoned notebooks, and in the crevices of my Google Docs. I keep them for years on end, too attached to hold on but desperate to let go. But I have one rule: I never visit them.

Don’t worry, the bodies are fictional. They make up the casts of characters in tucked away manuscript remnants. These works are overflowing with words splashed onto pages late at night or in the sacred lunchtime hours that I squirrel away to sacrifice to my craft. …

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Managing my various writing projects has always been a hassle. Then I found the holy grail of organization — Notion.

Are you looking for a way to organize your writing on one simple dashboard? I was too. My mission for the past few months was to create a hub where my personal writing pipeline was easily accessible. I wanted one-click access to all of my documents.

I originally started using Notion to manage a few website projects with my partner. The major advantage to using Notion over other systems was its capabilities. It was on par with premium management software…

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